About Me
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About Me

steveSteve Trang is the founder of Stunning Homes Realty. Steve started the real estate brokerage because he wanted to provide consistent, high-quality service to all of its clients. Most brokerages are agent-centric, and their goal is only to hire as many agents as possible. By hiring only the highest quality agents and staff, Steve’s company can focus only the clients’ needs and concerns. Steve is the licensed broker, and he started his real estate career in May of 2007, a tumultuous time to get into the real estate business. Steve’s focus on customer service, addressing client’s needs in timely fashion, attention to detail, and problem solving skills has allowed him to build the team and company as it exists today. Before joining real estate, Steve worked at Intel designing the USB interface and the hard drive in cell phones. He also has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego. When he’s not working, Steve enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.

MAY 2007

Steve Trang, Realtor

I got licensed in the middle of 2007. What could go wrong?
I learned a lot of humility along the way, and the skills I learned in the tough times have set the tone for the rest of my career.
Having helped over 1000 families buy and sell a home, there is almost no situation that I have not been involved in.
Through experience, we can see problems pop up weeks before most agents can.

JAN 2013

Stunning Homes Realty

I started a brokerage because I wanted to change the way clients are treated. Buying and selling a home is often times, the most valuable investment. We want to ensure that clients get top notch service from beginning to end.

MAR 2017

OfferFast Homes

OfferFast Homes was created to reduce the friction that home flippers can sometimes experience with technology. Wholesalers can use the OfferFast platform to promote their properties to flippers, all the while both parties carry timely communication.

AUG 2017

Magnus East Title Agency

One of the major keys to my success in the first ten years of my business was my commitment to excellence. I saw an opportunity to imprint that same character trait into the title business.
Instead of asking title companies to do what I asked, it was easier to create a title company and direct them follow our core values.
The end result is Magnus East Title Agency.

APRIL 2018

Max Cash Offers

Selling your home for cash is rarely the best choice. Unfortunately, there are times when that is the only option. For those instances, we will pay a fair cash offer that we guarantee we will perform.

MAY 2018

Real Estate Disruptors Podcast

The Real Estate Disruptors podcast mission is to create 100 Millionaires. By having guests that share what’s working best for them and their business, the aim is that the listeners create wealth from the knowledge they gain every week from the show.

MAR 2019

Public Speaking

I’ve been speaking publicly for years in front of Realtors, but March of 2019 was the first time I’ve flown to another city or spoken in front of 1100 people.
Getting the chance to speak in front of that many people and impact that many lives reminded me why I started in the business in the first place. I yearn to help as many people as I can.

MAY 2019

Disruptors Solutions

With everything we’ve learned from networking with the top wholesalers in the country, Max and I set up a system that takes the best techniques from other top wholesalers and make it easy to duplicate.