Professional Photography
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Professional Photography

The best way to see the difference between the average agent’s photography and our professional photography is to compare the same homes before and after we got there.

3776 W South Butte

3776 w south butte
Here is a home that couldn’t sell for $125,000. Given the angle of the photos, it looks like the agent used a camera phone since they couldn’t capture the size of the master bedroom. After a little bit of updating, we were able to get it sold for $164,697.

20604 W Walton Dr

20604 w walton
The property on Walton sold for $309,750 after sitting on the market for 376 days. With some minor upgrades, this home is set to close for $430,000. Notice that the angle and color is better on the front, and that the kitchen is much warmer in the after photos.

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