What Clients Say
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What Clients Say

What our clients are saying…

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Steve Trang was recommended to our family by a trusted professional. While we had bought and sold property the past, we had not done so in today’s uncertain and complex market conditions. Despite our hesitance to work with a new business, we are so glad that we followed through and contacted Occasio. Steve Trang became our agent and we took to his friendly and competent demeanor right away. He provided an overview of the market, an outline of the process and quickly demonstrated his “know-how” to show property. In one word, Steve is attentive; he is patient with questions, relays timely information in an understandable and straight forward manner and intuitively provides advice when needed. An example of Steve’s over and above commitment to his customers occurred on a stormy Arizona week night. A showing of our home had occurred that day and our patio doors had not been properly secured. Our neighbor called to inform us of the escalating storm and that the doors were blowing open. As we rushed to leave work to make the drive home, with rain now pouring down, Steve called. He was already at the house and had addressed the doors. He knew a showing had occurred and had stopped by to check on the property, as he does routinely. We could not have been more relieved and grateful; his effort saved our house from inevitable storm damage and prevented unscheduled time away from the office. In addition to being impressed with Steve’s professionalism, we have also appreciated Occasio Realty’s technologically advanced aspects of customer service. Their web-based database enables a seller to see who has visited the property and their thoughts on the experience. Necessary paperwork may be viewed and completed with ease online, making the process fast and convenient. This was a valuable service given the hectic schedules associated with today’s modern family and the demanding pace of legal transactions. We have been more than pleased with Steve Trang and would recommend Occasio Realty to anyone in need of an advocate to help them navigate the real estate market and achieve their property goals. -Adam & Stephanie